Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cultural Wormhole Episode 21

Allison, Antony, David, and Paul storm the beaches of Scarif for a spoiler-filled conversation about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Half of our team enjoyed the film while the other half... not so much. This episode has discussion, debate, and disagreement! Will they all still be friends in the end? Find out on Cultural Wormhole Episode 21!

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(Did we say spoilers? Because there will be SPOILERS!!!)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cultural Wormhole Presents: Avengers Now! Episode 42

In this latest installment of Avengers Now! Antony and Paul get on with life after Civil War II... even though Civil War II continues to take its sweet-ass time concluding.

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Avengers Now! - Avengers #1.1, Squadron Supreme #13, New Avengers #18, Ultimates 2 #1, Uncanny Avengers #16, Champions #3, Avengers #2, and Civil War II #7.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cultural Wormhole Presents: X-Nation Episode 131

In this episode of X-Nation, Antony and Paul have many things to say about the recent details concerning the spring reboot of the X-Men line. Also, they've got the end of Death of X and the beginning of IVX to discuss, as well as the rest in a jam-packed Month in X for November 2016.

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Direct Download: X-Nation Episode 131

Month in X - November 2016 - Old Man Logan # 13 - 14, All-New Wolverine #14, All-New X-Men #15, All-New X-Men Annual #1, Extraordinary X-Men #16, Uncanny X-Men #15, Uncanny X-Men Annual #1, Death of X #3 - 4, and IVX #0.