Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cultural Wormhole Presents: Valiant Future Episode 34

In this episode of Valiant Future the Book of Death arrives, Joe expresses his desire to see Warmonger to go away, and X-O Manowar made Paul sad. Plus, they catch up with the latest from Ivar, Imperium, and more.

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Valiant Future - Dead Drop #3, Ivar, Timewalker #7, Imperium #7, Unity #21, X-O Manowar #39, Ninjak #5, Bloodshot Reborn #5, Book of Death #1, and Legend of the Geomancer #1.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cultural Wormhole Presents: FF Wormhole Episode 32

Let's go out to the movies to see if Antony and Paul have anything new to add to the much-heated conversation over the new Fantastic Four movie. Plus, the guys jump back in time for another round of Doctor Doom's Time Platform.

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Direct Download: FF Wormhole Episode 32

Doctor Doom's Time Platform - Fantastic Four #54, Fantastic Four #55, and Fantastic Four #56.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cultural Wormhole Presents: Avengers Now! Episode 29

In this episode of Avengers Now! Antony and Paul shrink down to the microverse for some Ant-Man movie discussion. Then they preview the All-New, All-Different crop of Avengers books that are expected later in the year. Plus, the guys visit Battleworld for another look at Secret Wars.

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Avengers Now! - Uncanny Avengers #5, A-Force #2, Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1, and Secret Wars #4.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cultural Wormhole Presents: X-Nation Episode 116

Come and celebrate seven years of X-Nation as Antony and Paul continue their march through Battleworld as they look at the X-Men related Secret Wars comics from the Month in X for July 2015.

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Direct Download: X-Nation Episode 116 

Month in X - July 2015 - Uncanny X-Men #35, Magneto #20, Years of Future Past #2 & 3, X-Men '92 #4 & 5, Inferno #3, Old Man Logan #3, X-Tinction Agenda #2, E is for Extinction #2, and Age of Apocalypse #1.