Monday, October 11, 2010

Rubicon - "Wayward Sons"

Will  (James Badge Dale) visits Katherine Rhumor.
Photo Credit: AMC
Review by Paul Steven Brown

Season 1 - Episode 12
"Wayward Sons"

For the last eleven episodes, we've been introduced to and tracked the development of characters that have never appeared on the screen. Kateb, Tanaz, Boeck, and Popovich have been spectres in the background and the people of interest being investigated by Will team at API, all the while not actually appearing in a single episode. That is until now.

Last week it was revealed that Kateb was originally named Joseph Purcell, a young white man from New Jersey that converted to Islam. He's been behind a number of attacks and now he's crossed the Mexican border into the U.S. Naturally, Homeland Security goes on high alert and API is brought in to advise the FBI.

While Will and his team are doing what they can to figure out where he is and what his target will be, the producers give us glimpse of Purcell as he prepares for his mission. While this may seem like the natural course to take the show, by actually showing the villain before the big climax, a lot of the mystic behind Kateb is lost. It doesn't help things that we witness him watching cartoons, eating junk food, and masturbating. Is this to reinforce the idea that the guy next door could turn into a terrorist under certain conditions? I would have preferred if Purcell/Kateb remained off screen. It would have really added to the suspense and the fear that he could be around any corner.

Still, the results of Kateb's attack in Texas are still devastating. It's made even more tragic when Will figures it all out after it happens. My heart fell out when Maggie ran into the conference room to turn on the television, when just seconds ago, I was excited that Will had put it all together. Even the normally unflappable Kale Ingram is stricken by what he sees on the television report.

The other villain of the piece is Spangler and he's about to lose it. He knows that Will is still alive and that he knows who the Atlas MacDowell guys are. Unfortunately, he can't make any moves that won't be noticed. He's further dismayed when he receives a picture of Kale escorting Katherine Rhumor to safety. Will is dangerous enough, but Kale really has the potential to bring things down around Spangler's ears.

We have just one more episode in the season (and hopefully not for the series) and there are still a few unresolved issues. Spangler and Atlas are going to have to be brought down. There's no way that Will and Kale could possible be let to live or would allow Spangler to remain in control now that all the cards have been revealed. I can't think of any possible stalemate that would allow both sides to coexist after the event in Texas, now that will can link Atlas to it. Also, what kind of secret did Tom Rhumor leave behind to Katherine that could be contained on the Meet Me in St. Louis DVD and how will it come into play for the endgame. Also, Kateb has managed to turn up alive after he's launched other attacks in the past, is he still alive? This is a great show and I hope 'Rubicon' can stick the landing.

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