Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stargate Universe - "Trial and Error"

Sparks ignite between Eli (David Blue) and Ginn (Julie McNiven) as Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) watches on.
Photo Credit: Syfy
Review by Paul Steven Brown

'Stargate Universe'
Season 2 - Episode 6
"Trial and Error"

I apologize if I begin another 'Stargate Universe' review with a comparison to a Star Trek episode. However, unlike last week's "Cloverdale", the latest 'SGU' hour was really good and the comparison is a positive one. Even the title "Trial and Error" reminds me of the classic 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' repetitive reset episode "Cause and Effect". And like the Enterprise, the Destiny was the victim of multiple destructions.

What I found really fascinating was the idea that Destiny views the people aboard her as components to the ship. Young, a very vital part, if not the most important, of the command structure has been falling apart since the season premiere. He's under a lot of stress due to the overall situation of trying to safeguard those in his charge. He's suffering from the guilt over the loss of his and TJ's baby and his personal euthanizing of Riley. He's hasn't really confiding in anyone and has been drinking heavily to cope. He's damaged and Destiny understands that he needs to be fixed or replaced.

The various battle simulations/dreams were nicely handled. It wasn't until Lt. Scott got sucked out the observation deck window that I knew something was amiss. Also, there was enough variation during the following two simulations/dreams to keep them interesting. Unfortunately, due to Rush's machinations, we'll never know what exactly Destiny intended when it dropped out of FTL. Young is back in command and with some control, but if that's all the ship wanted, it would have jumped back on its on. Still, Scott's impassioned argument to Young certainly helped get the colonel back into some sort of working order.

What also made this a really strong episode was the various moments of character exploration throughout it. TJ tries to explain to Young that she thinks their baby is still alive out there with Caine and the others on the planet left people behind on. Chloe decides that helping Rush with the math is better than staring at the walls of her room. Also, Scott's experience during "Cloverdale" has made him realize that he does love her. Also, it was fun to Greer play wingman for Eli. I just hope that Hildy... I mean Ginn (you 'Mad Men' fans know what I mean) has genuine feelings for Eli. A double cross for the sake of helping the Lucian Alliance would be too obvious and actually less interesting. And, my goodness, is she cute.

I felt that the best scene of the episode was when Wray and Rush asked Scott to take command from Young. Their sincerity was completely convincing and their arguments made a great deal of sense. They obviously could not take control due to their coup attempt last season. It was the right move.

"Trial and Error" is probably the strongest episode of the season thus far. It really pulled together a number of threads and built on parts of other episodes that I really didn't care for. This was very focused, despite the number of characters it touched on.

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