Friday, December 17, 2010

My Favorite Songs of 2010 - #15 - 11

By Paul Steven Brown

Time for us to take a look at the better half of my 30 favorite songs of 2010. Here's #15 through #11.

15. "Fuck You"
Cee-Lo Green

A while back I read a review somewhere that said something along the lines that Cee-Lo Green takes the last 40 years of soul, funk, and hip hop, and condenses into one expletive-riddled, greatest hit package that's just shy of four minutes. I find it hard to argue with that point. This was definitely one of the songs of late summer.

14. "Jail La La"
Dum Dum Girls

Somewhere between the gutter to the stars lies "Jail La La". Down and dirty punk basics meet '60s girl group charm in this winner from Dum Dum Girls. Quick, catchy, and gone before you know it.

13. "All I Want"
LCD Soundsystem

"All I Want" really cuts to the emotional heart of This is Happening by LCD Soundsystem. The E-Bowed guitar rules the day, but never threatens to overtake the song.

12. "Crash Years"
The New Pornographers

I was not happy Challengers, the New Pornographers' last album, but this year's Together was a return to form. "Crash Years" is one of the best singles the 'Nographers have generated since "Sing Me Spanish Disco". Neko Case, with wonderful backing from Carl Newman and Katheryn Calder, is at the top of her game. Also, "Crash Years" gets the award for best whistled song of the year.

11. "One Life Stand"
Hot Chip

I don't think I'll ever like Hot Chip enough to actually buy an entire album by them, but there is always at least one song on every new record that they put out that I really dig. Still, I've got to respect any act that looks this nerdy, but still manages to put out some groovy, sexy music.

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