Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Favorite Songs of 2010 - #25 - 21

By Paul Steven Brown

The list continues...

These are the songs I listened to over and over again throughout the year or were the ones that dug themselves so deep into my subconscious, that I couldn't help but hear them in my head. I do not propose to be a music authority, but these are the songs I enjoyed the most in 2010.

25. "O.N.E."

A few years back Yeasayer caught my attention with the dreamy "2080". I did not expect them to respond with funky dance number. The falsetto "lose control" outro constantly got stuck in my head during the spring.

24. "Tell 'Em"
Sleigh Bells

Loud and nasty. The opening track to Sleigh Bells' debut album kicks down the door and proceeds to pummel your eardrums. Thundering drum beats, buzzing guitars, and a sweet female voice. Too bad their live show was nowhere near as impressive.

23. "Gray Death"
Xiu Xiu

"You were beautiful when I lost you. Like a whip covered in pins and glue." "Gray Death" is pathos by the bucket, but it's done well. Jamie Stewart holds it all together with a killer acoustic guitar, but leaves room for some surging distortion and feedback.

22. "Wide Eyes"
Local Natives

Elegantly picked guitar intro. Quick-stepping drums and percussion. Three-part harmonies. This opening track from Gorilla Manor sets a fascinating mood. I wish these guys got more attention and airplay than Vampire Weekend.

21. "Here Sometimes"
Blonde Redhead

After a string of really great records, Blonde Redhead put out the lackluster Penny Sparkle. It's not a bad record, but very weak and compared to the last three. The opener "Here Sometimes" is definitely the highlight.

I just realized that the last four songs are all the first tracks on their respective albums. Weird.

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