Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Favorite Songs of 2010 - #30 - 26

By Paul Steven Brown

These are the songs I listened to over and over again throughout the year or were the ones that dug themselves so deep into my subconscious, that I couldn't help but hear them in my head. I do not propose to be a music authority, but these are the songs I enjoyed the most in 2010.

Your list may be very, very different.

And that's okay.

30. "Bed Intruder Song"
Antoine Dodson & The Gregory Brothers (feat. Kelly Dodson) 

I know that this is an internet meme that took the world by storm for a few weeks this summer, but the combination of Antoine Dodson's very emotional news interview and the Gregory Brothers' remixing skills made this the pinnacle of the "Autotune the News" motif. The handclaps, choir, and church bells, help make this track ostentatious, but super catchy.

29. "Tighten Up"
The Black Keys

The Black Keys perfected their distinct flavor of wounded lonely blues a few albums ago, but they continue to find new ways of delivering it. "Tighten Up" opens with a wonderful whistle and plods along like a sad, drunken, heartbroken man. The drums feel like they could take off at any moment, but carefully kept in check.

28. "Odessa"

Hints of '80s funk-a-tronic paired with a laid back vocal delivery. This song kind of reminds me of Chromeo without being too on the nose.

27. "Mr Peterson"
Perfume Genius

A meloncholy reflection on one's youth and of being impressionable. Mr. Peterson let's you smoke weed in his truck and will introduce you to the wonders of Joy Division, but what does he want in return? A sad but beautiful number.

26. "Heaven's on Fire"
The Radio Dept.

This one starts with an odd little rant by Thurston Moore decrying the dangers of captialism and its effect on youth culture, but quickly shifts into a beautifully shifty piece of music with serenely sung, but biting lyrics.

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