Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stargate Universe - "Blockade"

Eli (David Blue) runs through some calculations.
Review by Paul Steven Brown

'Stargate Universe'
Season 2 - Episode 19

As 'Stargate Universe' nears the end of its run, it's pretty clear that the creators were not given much wiggle room to wrap things up in a more final fashion. "Blockade" is the penultimate episode of the series, but it certainly plays as it was originally intended, an episode before a "season" finale. Alas, Syfy deemed the show not worthy of a second season and it looks like the show could likely end without a satisfying resolution.

All signs point to a big loud conclusion to the robot drone plot thread and that's about it. Not that it wouldn't be an interesting season finale under normal circumstances, but these aren't those. I'm pretty sure that it will be revealed that some of the descendants of the time lost doubles of Destiny are responsible for the creation of the drones. There have been enough clues to indicate that this is where the story is going, especially if Destiny keeps running into off-shoot colonies, abandoned or otherwise.

Eli has been earning a lot of respect in the last few episodes. A while back, Brody admitted to others that Eli was probably the most brilliant person he'd ever met. Eli's time lost twin demonstrated the his potential as a leader, historian, and educator. In "Blockade" Rush says that Eli is the only person that could recalibrate Destiny on the fly as the ship made its dangerous refueling trip into the blue super giant.

Other than Dr. Park getting blinded by the blue star (a plot thread that could have been interesting if given some time), not much else happened. Everyone got to run around a ghost town and gather supplies before getting set upon by the drones. The drones anticipating Destiny's refueling needs is an interesting idea. Other than than, there's not much else to comment on.

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