Monday, July 12, 2010

True Blood – “9 Crimes”

Review by Paul Steven Brown

‘True Blood’
Season 3 – Episode 4
“9 Crimes”

Bill continues to be more interesting when he’s away from Sookie. Smart money says that his break-up phone call was just a ploy to keep her away from danger and Lorena at bay. I don’t think that he’s completely joined Edgington, either. Who Bill is working for or what angle he’s playing is still unclear, but he’s certainly gone into deep cover for this mission, much to the chagrin of Destiny the Stripper.

While Anna Paquin’s performance of a heartbroken Sookie left much to be desired, it did lead to some good scenes between her and wolfman Alcide. With his own relationship problems being fresh, the pair has something to connect with other than this devolving into another guy becoming obsessed with Sookie. They’ve quickly developed an almost sibling like relationship when discussing how the other is mishandling their respective romances. Dawn Olivieri pops as Alcide’s sister Janice. She’s actually not a bad actress when she doesn’t have to recite the stunted dialogue from ‘Heroes’.

The situation between Tara and Franklin took an unexpected and weird turn. He’s connected to Edgington apparently, which explains his information gathering on Bill. Unfortunately, he’s developed and unhealthy fixation on Tara. He makes an allusion to her being special, leading me to believe that her experiences with Maryann may have changed her somehow.

I thought that the most interesting scene of the episode involved the Magister torturing Pam in front of Eric. Eric obviously cared deeply for his maker, Godric, and he appears to have similar bond with Pam, whom Eric made into a vampire. The Magister drives the point home (no pun intended) by making speeches about the bond between parent and child. I look forward to any further exploration of Eric and Pam’s relationship.

Sam and his family still don’t interest me. Jason’s dreams of being a police officer aren’t doing anything for me either. Jessica has job at the bar now, so at least she’s some place where we can see her on a regular basis. At least the rest of the hour is interesting enough that I can endure the more boring aspects of the show.

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