Monday, September 27, 2010

Rubicon - "In Whom We Trust"

Will Travers (James Badge Dale) and Katherine Rhumor (Miranda Richardson) finally meet to compare notes.
Photo Credit: AMC
Review by Paul Steven Brown

Season 1 - Episode 10
"In Whom We Trust"

Ten episodes into the first season and we finally (finally!) have our first real meeting between Will Travers and Katherine Rhumor. They had briefly bumped into each other at a party about six episodes back, but this time they've done enough independent digging that circumstances have brought them together. Unfortunately, this is a potential alliance that is killed quickly in the crib thanks to the intervention of Donald Bloom. Will has some protection and resources thanks to Kale. Katherine is completely powerless and alone, so Bloom's threats on her life, her parents' lives, and that of Will, too, are more than enough for her to cut ties with young Mr. Travers.

At least Katherine was able to send what little, but useful, information to Will before telling him to never contact her again. He's got name and he's got the picture of the Atlas MacDowell board members as children. This is the most solid information that he has obtained that signifies that he is on the right trail.

Kale Ingram certainly has an interesting nightly routine. While his boyfriend, Walter, sleeps (a very sound sleeper at that ), he sweeps their home for listening devices. Kale's method of removing them from his house is a lot more subtle when compared to Will's very defiant smashing of them. Kale replaces a bugged lamp with an expensive one that Walter had wanted. The bug is gone and he scores relationship points. Yes, Kale Ingram is the man.

It's obvious that Maggie holds some sort of value to Kale. She isn't spying on Will anymore for Kale, but he has helped her retain work at API. He has an almost parental protection of Maggie, despite his manipulation of her earlier in the season. His actions in regard to Maggie's ex-husband, Craig, go beyond that of an employer that doesn't want his employee dragging her kid to work. When Kale confronts Craig and tells him to leave town, we get to witness that, despite his size and age, Kale Ingram is more than physically capable of protecting himself and those he cares about.

Despite Grant's behavior towards Tanya at the beginning of the season, he has grown to appreciate her skill as a colleague and think of her as a friend. She's been demoted down to the basement to do filling for a few weeks as she undergoes her drug counselling. Her team can't even pick her brain about the Kateb situation, since her clearance has be suspended for the time being. And as further proof of Grant's disintegrating marriage, he would rather stay late helping Tanya with some tedious filing, than go home to his wife. I really hope this doesn't end in his playing out the predictions of the polygrapher from a few episodes back.

The Kateb situation continues to take interesting twists and turns as it cooks in the background, behind the main story. The bombings associated with him all take place at 4:20 PM New York time, despite their locations through out the eastern hemisphere. Not only have Tanaz and Yuri Popovich been killed, but now so has George Boeck. Someone is eliminating people that are connected to Kateb, but for what reason? Who is doing this and what are they planning? Anyone else think this has to do with Atlas MacDowell?

One of the great things about 'Rubicon' is that the writers have been able to create a story involving characters that are only mentioned, but never shown. We have never seen Kateb, Tanaz, Popovich, or Boeck outside of photographs, but they've become important figures throughout the season. Also, this has been a subplot that has been able to develop and morph over ten episodes to the point that we have come to recognize it as a very important part of the show frame work.

The ratings have not been great for 'Rubicon'. With only three episodes left, I hope that there is some form of resolution by the end of the season. At this point, the creators have been able to develop the concept and the characters effectively that the show mythology doesn't have to carry over from season to season. There is room for standalone episodes and the idea of a season only over arc may be more beneficial in this era of uncertain renewal, despite critical acclaim.

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