Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nurse Jackie - Season Two in Review

Review by Branden Barker

From the start of ‘Nurse Jackie’s’ second season, I had no idea where the show was going to go. And that’s interesting because the show didn’t go anywhere. All season.

It was merely a vehicle for Edie Falco to showcase her amazing talent as Jackie. But every now and then, I like a little excitement. A little drama. I don’t need the same kind of over-the-top drama Showtime gives us with ‘Weeds,’ but I do require a little. And I got none this season.

I expected Jackie’s secret boyfriend Eddie to pull a ‘Fatal Attraction’ and go after Jackie and her family… maybe boil a bunny. I expected Jackie’s husband to find out about Eddie. I expected a hospital shooting. I expected something. Maybe I just watched too much ‘E.R’ back in the day.

So nothing crazy happened, but by the season finale, it did get a tiny bit intense. When Jackie’s lies start coming out and it looks like her drug habit is about to be exposed you can’t help but be nervous for her. I mean, no one is going to die or anything, but Jackie’s life could very well fall apart. That counts for something, I guess.

I think I might just be confused about what kind of show ‘Jackie’ is supposed to be. I thought it was a drama about a drug-addicted nurse in a New York City hospital. But maybe it’s a comedy. Because the show is pretty funny. Now I might be on to something.

Among the funniest aspects of the show is Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli). His vain and inappropriate manners often steal the show. Facinelli is hilarious. And even though we shouldn’t laugh, his breast-grabbing Tourette’s syndrome is one of his funniest traits. We got to know him better this season. That character was taken from a complete tool to a complete tool that we love.

Jackie’s apprentice Zoey (Merritt Weaver) has also developed into quite the comedian. She’s no longer the quiet new nurse who looks up to Jackie. She’s becoming outspoken and strong. Actually she might be looking up to Jackie a little too much as we saw in the season finale when she and her boyfriend were caught using the same cot Jackie and Eddie would perform their 12 o’clock nasty.

After you add in the hilarious hospital administrator Mrs. Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) and sassy, partially blind gay nurse Thor (Stephen Wallen) then you’ve got one hell of a great ensemble comedy. So that’s what kind of show this is. An ensemble comedy. That works for me. And in that case, I loved this season of ‘Nurse Jackie.’ It was hilarious.

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