Tuesday, June 29, 2010

True Blood – “It Hurts Me Too”

Review by Paul Steven Brown

‘True Blood’
Season 3 – Episode 3
“It Hurts Me Too”

That has to have been the most disturbing sex scene that I have ever witnessed on television. I know that vampires are resilient and can heal from just about any injury outside of a stake to the heart, but who would have thought that this ability could lead to a head-twisting form of grudge sex. That Lorena; she sure has an effect on our boy Bill.

Bill’s current storyline continues to be fairly interesting. I still believe that this has to do with the lack on screen sharing between Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin. Their characters are more enjoyable when they aren’t getting all goo-goo eyed over each other. Also, I’m looking forward to Bill and Eric going to war over something other than the little blond telepathic waitress.

I hope that a number of these little storylines are actually connected. Franklin seems to be using Jessica and Tara as means to gather intelligence on Bill. With any luck, this will have something to do with Queen Sophie-Anne’s V trade. Could Franklin be using Tara to get to her cousin? Eric said Lafayette was his top salesperson when he gave him the car. It’s possible that others are taking notice or picking up on the operation.

It appears that we get our first “good” werewolf in this episode in the form of Alcide Herveaux. His presence adds a little more insight to the secret world of werewolves. However, I think the bar called “Lou Pines” is a bit too on the nose. Then again, Eric runs one called “Fangtasia”. Still, I want to know more about the various werewolf factions and who or what is behind the Operation Werewolf pack.

Sam’s reunion with this redneck family seems to be heading down predictable paths. It looks like his brother tried to rob the bar. I’m willing to bet that his mom comes to Sam looking for money soon. While we’re at it, why not a drunken moment of spousal abuse from Pa? Might as well put all the white trash clichés on the table. Sam’s quest for familial reconnection would have been more engaging if his family hadn’t fit so neatly into a stereotype.

While I’m already bored with Jason’s new desire to become a police officer and his typical buffoonery in the process, there might be an actual story in the change in sheriff’s department. Andy will probably become the head of the department in the interim until an election can happen. It looks like Jason is going to blackmail him for a position on the force. I’m just not interested in Jason at the moment and his story feels disconnected from the rest of the more intriguing material.

‘True Blood’ is by no means groundbreaking television. However, I still feel drawn to it every week. The acting is okay, but there’s something about most of these characters. And as shown with the political plot, there are some good stories to tell.

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