Monday, June 21, 2010

True Blood – “Beautifully Broken”

Review by Paul Steven Brown

‘True Blood’
Season 3 – Episode 2
“Beautifully Broken”

Bill’s showdown with the werewolves is resolved quickly and in typical bloody fashion. This leads into the introduction of Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi. I thought that I wanted more vampire politics, but most of Edgington and Bill’s scenes at the mansion were a bit boring. The various blood-based entrees continually wheeled out by the king’s boyfriend Talbot were amusing, but I think that I like Bill better when he’s not talking and out fighting werewolves. This is not to say that I don’t find Edgington’s desire to marry Queen Sophie-Anne and absorb Louisiana into his control interesting, but maybe the ‘True Blood’ writers could stand to watch some ‘Deadwood’ for ways of making backroom dialogue more enchanting to hear.

I do appreciate that the creators of the show have decided that the werewolves are going to have only two forms: wolf and human. Apparently, there will be no wolfman transitional state. While this helps in the keeping some costly makeup out of the budget, it reduces the chance of some silly looking wolf people running around or potentially bad CGI. This doesn’t make the werewolves any less frightening though.

Creepier than werewolves was the flashback of Eric and Godrich running around in Nazi uniforms during World War II. Eric says they were in disguise, but Gestapo vampires are a very unsettling idea. Still, any chance to peek in on Eric’s past and get an appearance from his maker is okay by me.

Pam doesn’t get much to do this episode, but she makes the most of her few minutes on the screen. I love the idea that she could potentially take Jessica under her wing, since Bill is missing. To tell you the truth, if they just made the show about these two bad ass beauties, I would not mind. The pair have attitude for days and are fascinating to watch.

Alfre Woodard has a cameo this episode as Lafayette’s crazy mom. She’s kind of a big name for just one scene, so I’m willing to bet that she’ll be back. While I’ve quickly tired of Tara’s crying and screaming over Eggs, there does seem to be some indication of mental illness plaguing her and Lafayette’s family, which could have story potential. Tara also has a run in with a new vampire in town, Franklin. The previews have already given away that some intimacy will be shared between the pair. Let’s hope this isn’t another in a string of bad relationships for Tara. I’m tired of seeing her cry.

“Beautifully Broken” was more character and less plot compared the jam-packed season opener. Eric seems to be addressing his feelings for Sookie, and Sam finally got to meet his real family. All interesting ideas, so let’s see where they take us.

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